Monday’s Daily Dose

Good Morning and Happy Monday to all of our Laramie Followers. If you listen to KOWB Radio’s Laramie Live Morning Show you may have heard more about the Chambers newest promotion, Cowboy Cash Mob. Last week we launch what is hoped to be the best way to help your business grow and thrive in Laramie, WY. With this program the chamber will be able to help local small businesses overflow with customers on a surprise date with the intention of hopefully repaying their annual membership dues back in revenue after the ‘mobbing’. This is a community wide program and succeeds if the people want it too. If you receive a call or email about a Cowboy Cash Mob be sure to join in and invite friends. Now, here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1.  Today is a good day. Remind yourself of all the great things there are about another day to live. Take a walk tonight with a loved one, grab a  bite to eat while you are out or even stop into a store and pick a few things to make when you get home. Make it a relaxing evening after a rushed Monday back int he office.

2. Set a new Goal. With the first 2 months of the year finally over, sit down and set a new goal for March. Maybe you never got to complete your New Year’s Resolution. It is never too late to start it up. Check out the Rec Center for new classes, start walking to work instead of driving or dedicate yourself to one night with out work at home. What ever is was that you set out to do at the beginning of the year, keep it going.

See you tomorrow with crafts, cooking and events as we begin to wrap up February’s Daily Dose.


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