Friday’s Daily Dose

It is March 2nd and that could mean a great deal of things but today it means it is March 2nd. Kind of redundant but never fear it will get interesting. The reason is, did you look out your window yesterday and see any planets? No, we aren’t talking about stars but actual planets like Venus, or perhaps even Saturn.

If you answered no that is okay. Today we invite you take a journey into the cosmos. Yes, that’s right the University of Wyoming is hosting The Life and Death of Stars at the UW Planetarium.  The planetary search begins at 7p.m. The cost is: $2 for students, $3 adults, children enter for free.

Now, Here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1.UW Women’s Tennis v. Denver. Starting at 2:00 pm in the UW Tennis Complex. Come out and sport the University of Wyoming Tennis Team.

2. THE UNKNOWN EXPOSED: AN EVENING OF DANCE. IF you missed the opening performance last night, make sure to purchase tickets today. Tonight the show beings at 7:30 pm in the Arts & Science Auditorium. Tickets are $14 General Public, $11 Seniors, $7 Students. Purchase tickets at the UW Box Office.

3. Bluegrass Jam at Night Heron. Bring an instrument and join in or just come along to listen to Laramie’s talented banjo, fiddle and guitar musicians jam in Night Heron’s newly remodeled upstairs space. Night Heron will stay open late and offer tea, espresso, baked goods and sandwiches.



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