Wednesday’s Daily Dose

Good Morning Laramie (readers)! Are you all enjoying the beautiful weather? Well, if you haven’t gotten a chance to do so, do it today! Get outside, breathe in that crisp, spring air. Here is your Daily Does brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. The Hunger Games. Tomorrow night the opening of The Hunger Games happens at the Fox Theater. If you have not yet purchased your tickets, make sure you do it today. Watch to see what excitement is in store.

2. Hungry for the Hunger Games, Dinner. Gear up for the movie by making a meal that pays ‘tribute’ to the upcoming movie. It is a full meal of,  “Greasy Sae’s breakfast casserole, Rue’s roasted root vegetables, Cato’s (asparagus) spears, District 11’s crescent rolls, Prim’s goat cheese & basil and Mellark’s Bakery bread,” from

3. A Taste Of Italy. Turtle Rock Coffee & Cafe is serving their ‘A Taste Of Italy’ dinner tonight. If you haven’t made a reservation yet call now!



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