Good Morning Laramie! Daily Dose

Maria Almendares receives the Good Morning Laramie Award on behave of the Laramie Colts Baseball Team. Pictured with Gary Strohm (Century 21 Real Estate Center).

GOOD MORNING LARAMIE! At 7:30 am this morning Gary Strohm (Century 21 Real Estate Center) and Denise Deem (The Music Box) took to their mics and guided 110 participants through the Spring Training Edition of Good Morning Laramie! The show was up beat, refreshing and beneficial. Make sure you are one of those participants next time if you weren’t today.

Moving right along, today is Friday, the end of the week, TGIF if you will. Today, you get to start making your weekend plans. Here is your Daily Dose brought o you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. El Conquistador Dinner. Head downtown for a Mexican feast. El Conquistador has a great selection of fabulous food. They are located at 110 E. Ivinson Avenue.


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