Tuesday’s Daily Dose

Dancing is the art of being graceful, fluid and elegant. Or maybe it is just moving your hips from side to side. In any case it is the 17th.  Does this day have any significance? You bet your sweet gravy it does. Here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. We invite you to the Mikado. What is the Mikado? All we can tell you is, it is a dance performance. The Mikado will be at the Fine Arts Main Stage curtain opening at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $7 for students, $14 for general public, $11 for seniors. The Mikado finishes out the dance season. Go enjoy the last production of the dance season has UW gets close to wrapping up another semester of classes.


2. Coal Creek Coffee Company. Tonight head downtown to Coal Creek Coffee and enjoy Ian McFeron’s music starting at 8 pm. Coal Creek Coffee is the perfect place to grab a cup is great coffee, relax and enjoy great music. See you there!

Ian Mcferon, Musician


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