Monday’s Daily Dose

Good Morning, everyone at the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce hopes that your weekend was wonderful. It is supposed to be a beautiful day here in Laramie and we intend on making the best of it. Here is your Daily Dose for this Monday, May 14th.

1. Dinner At Altitude. Altitude Chophouse & Brewery has many specials and we suggest you try their Spicy Sirloin. This is an, “Eight ounce cut of Certified Angus Beef® rubbed with curry spices and grilled to your liking. Served with basil and garlic seasoned roasted Yukon Gold potatoes. Accompanied by a cup of soup or a dinner salad with your choice of dressing.” $18

2. Organize your Pantry. Tonight after dinner take some time to organize your pantry. YOuc an gather old jars or buy new ones and have a cute and creative way tot store everything from you Salt to your Sugar. Take a look and buy the essentials for this project at Walmart.


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