Tuesday’s Daily Dose

Today is going to be great. For those of you that love the heat, gear up for a sunny, warm and active day. Here in Laramie there are more things to do then we at the Chamber can even think of telling. That is why we are asking you to submit your summer activities to the Chamber so that we can share more wonderful ideas with everyone. To submit an idea just simply write it in the comment section at the bottom of this posting. We will compile them after a few days and see what all of you think. Now, here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. The Laramie Plains Museum Tea on Tuesday. Victorian Teas will be held at the Alice Hardie Stevens Center! Alice Hardie Stevens Center is located at 603 East Ivinson Ave. Tea goes from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM and admission is $20 per ticket includes tea sweets, savories, and a historic program.

2. Friends of Community Recreation McAlister’s Fundraiser. From 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM the Friends of Community Recreation Fundraiser Night at McAlister’s Deli will take place. 10% of the nights proceeds will benefit the Friends of Community Recreation.


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