Independence Day’s Daily Dose

Happy 4th of July!

1. Firecracker 5K. Race starting at 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM. A July 4th tradition. The Firecraker 5K starts and finishes at First National Bank of Laramie, near the corner of 21st and Garfield. The race runs east on Garfield to the Rec Center and back on fast 1.5 mile straight. The race starts at 8 AM, with a 1 mile kids race starting at 7:30 AM. Registration is available on race morning beginning at 7 AM.

Pre-registration: $15
Race Day Registration: $20
Entry fee includes t-shirt, course aid, and finish line treats.

2. Freedom Has A Birthday. Freedom Has A Birthday is Laramie’s premiere 4th of July celebration. Generous sponsors make it possible for the organizers of Freedom Has A Birthday to provide free ice cream, lemonade, water, cookies, watermelon and snow cones to the thousands of people that attend. Don’t forget all of the free entertainment including music, a gymnastics exhibition, giant slides, the children’s parade and all the other activities too numerous to mention. The support of Freedom Has A Birthday has made it the exciting event that Laramie residents look forward to every summer. Last year, 13,000 people took advantage of the beautiful weather to gather information at the various booths, load up on free goodies and meet people from all over the world. Freedom Has A Birthday is sure to have something for every member of your family. Come out this year to experience an old fashioned 4th of July celebration!

REMINDER: CANCELLED! FIREWORKS There will be NO FIREWORKS this year! Fire in the Sky 2012. 

The 2012 City of Laramie sponsored Fire in the Sky fireworks display will be at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, July 4th unless the prevailing weather conditions prevent the show. In case of inclement weather, the show will be held July 5th.

Stonebraker Rocky Mountain Fireworks of Denver will supply the fireworks. Stonebraker pyrotechnician Dave Akers returns for his 20th consecutive display in Laramie.The display will again be launched from the parking lot of the Aragon Softball Complex near 22nd and Armory Road.

This year’s display will consist of approximately 450 aerial shells ranging in diameter from 3 inches up to 8 inches. In accordance with the 2009 International Fire Code and the 2010 edition of the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Fireworks Display require a 600 foot radius safety zone around the launch site. This safety zone is also required by insurance regulations. Spectators are excluded from this safety zone because of the falling shell debris. The 600 foot drop zone radius applies under no wind conditions. Even a light breeze can push shell debris out to greater distances. The accompanying map depicts the 600 foot radius drop/safety zone. People within the drop zone perimeter will be asked to leave by law enforcement personnel and could be subject to criminal citation for refusing to cooperate.

Portions of N. 22nd Street, Armory Road, and Television Road will be closed prior to the display because of their proximity to the drop zone. Twenty-second Street may be closed between Willett Drive and Harney Street. Armory Road will be closed west from Television Road to 22nd Street. Television Road will be closed from the intersection at Armory Road north to Harney Street. Harney Street may be closed in the immediate vicinity unless the prevailing wind conditions require that closure. This is being done in an attempt to minimize traffic congestion due to the display.

No spectator parking will be permitted along Harney Street between the intersections with Television Road and N. 19th Street. Winds have carried shell debris to the intersection at 22nd and Harney and onto portions of Harney Street north of the launch site during previous displays.

Fire in the Sky coordinator Randy Vickers requests that the public avoid the following areas for spectator viewing because of their immediate proximity to the drop zone: all portions of the LSA Soccer Field off Television Road, the UW Recreation Field adjacent to Armory Road, areas north of Harney Street between N. 19th Street and Television Road, and the parking lot north of the UW Centennial Complex/American Heritage Center. Although these areas are outside the drop zone, their proximity makes it impossible to protect spectators and vehicles from shell debris if the wind changes during the display. Once people have parked these areas; it becomes difficult to remove them.

Vickers encourages spectators to make viewing the display a family event and recommends viewing the show from nearby city parks (Washington, LaPrele, Harbon, Scout, and Kiowa Parks) and other locations such as Fraternity/Sorority Park on campus. The display consists of only aerial shells. Other optimal viewing locations include the bluff behind Indian Paint Brush School and large parking lots located around town.


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