Monday’s Daily Dose

Is everyone exhausted? If not then we think you didn’t celebrate enough. Laramie Jubilee Days seemed to provide the “must-be-at-events” all weekend. Between a Rib eye Rodeo, Brewfest and a weekly Farmer’s Market the hot ticket was in Downtown Laramie. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and made some great memories. Start this week off right with a great day and an even more enjoyable evening. Here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. Summer Squash Pizza. Take advantage of all the summer produce and make this delicious dinner. If you hit up the Farmer’s Market last Friday you may already have some of the ingredients. If you are in need of a few more, stop by Albertsons and pick them up.

2. Evening Gardening. Tonight, instead of watching TV go outside. Spend the evening creating a new look for your summer garden. If you are a flower person you can use this idea by planting the pots with Petunias and Marigolds. If you prefer to use the plants you grow, fill each pot with a different herb and label the rim of each pot. For full instructions on how to create this cute wall art, click the picture below. If you like the leaning pots, instructions are included in each frame of the picture. Make sure you stop into Walmart and pick up all your seeds, plants and pots!


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