Monday’s Daily Dose

Good Morning Laramie Readers! Who all played in the tournament Friday? Did you congratulate Tom Kiel and the Hilton Garden Inn team for winning the 8th Annual Chamber Golf Classic? Thank you to all of the Sponsors, Volunteers and Golfers for making it a great day. We look forward to next years tournament.


Over the weekend did you finally decide that you were going to spend Labor Day listening to great music? Great, make sure you stop in the LACC office and pick up your Snowy Range Music Festival tickets.

Now, here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. Weekend Whined Down. After a weekend of fun, Monday seems to drag on. Tonight make life easy and start with a Take’n’Bake Pizza from Papa Murphy’s. While your pizza is cooking, slip into some comfy clothes and continue enjoying the 2012 London Olympics.


2. Disc Golf workout. Tonight you can satisfy the urge to work off the junk food from the weekend by getting out and playing a round of Disc Golf. First, head to Atmosphere Mountain Works and pick up a few new drivers that are sure to be ringers. Then, head up to the University of Wyoming campus. You can play a round while enjoying the quiet campus.


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