Craft Obsession’s Daily Dose

When Sunday rolls around all I, Alex Newman, seem to want to do is make things. Whether is is a craft, baking or editing photos and framing them for the home, I always want to have my hands busy. Today, I will offer you a few different ways to spend your Sunday according to what I plan on doing. Here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce and inspired by me, Alex Newman.

1. Football Food. Today make up some amazing football grub and start perfecting your recipes for Super Bowl time next year. There is no better way to watch football then with great food. Here are a few favorites that you can make up in no time. Remember, if you need any extra supplies, stop into Albertsons and pick them up.

  • 4 Layer Pizza Dip and Pita Bread (Click, here to get recipe)

  • Cheesy Potato Fries (Click, here to get recipe)

2. DIY Sweater to Cozy Mittens. Stop by Walmart and find a sweater that you can see yourself wearing as mittens. Buy one that is large enough to make multiple pair and give them as gifts as the weather continues to cool down.


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