Tuesday’s Daily Dose

With all that has to be done this week, don’t you ever wish you could sit and relax? Here is a way you can do just that and still have everything done. Tonight, make dinner easy by calling ahead and picking it up on your way home. From there, enjoy your dinner and all of the new fall shows starting up. Here are a few different places we suggest your dinner come from. This is your Daily Dose brought o you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza. Enjoy an American favorite as watch your shows tonight. Papa Murphy’s is perfect for any pizza lover who expects tasty leftovers. Call ahead to have you pizza ready for you when you pull up to the handy to go window. Call at (307) 745-7676.

2McAlister’s Deli. Go online and order to go. This is a great meal for the entire family because everyone gets exactly what they wanted. If you would rather call your order in, you can reach McAlister’s Deli at (307) 745-3760.

3The New Mandarin Restaurant. If you are a Chinese Food Lover then this is the option for you. The New Mandarin Restaurant does take out, dine in and delivery so you can have great food anywhere. Visit their website to see the menu then call in your order at (307)-742-8822.


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