Tuesday’s Daily Dose

Are you having a hectic week? Why not relax and spend time baking your favorite sugar cookie recipe. I have a suggestion to help you decorate them with an familiar favorite but on you favorite cookies! Now, here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. My favorite Valentine’s candy is the conversation heart. It is so fun to read all of the little messages imprinted on each heart. Why not try these conversations on your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Check out this icing recipe that makes writing messages a breeze. Stop by Safeway or Albertson’s to pick up any items you may need. What a fun project to do with the kiddos for Valentine’s Day!Click the image or here to get the recipe.

conversation heart cookies

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

2. Flowers are the perfect Valentine gift and there is still time to order that perfect bouquet for your special someone. Poppy’s is the newest florist in town and designs unique arrangements that are specific to your tastes. Don’t hesitate because time is running out if you want you flowers delivered in time for Valentine’s Day. For more information, contact Poppy’s at (307) 745-3230 or stop in and visit the shop for unique gift ideas to accompany your special arrangement at 119 Grand Ave. If you are short on time you can also visit their website at http://www.thepoppys.com.



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