March (15, 2013) Madness

Thank god it is Friday and beautiful outside. We hope that you are enjoying the great weather. Last Sunday brought day light savings so soak up the newly added daylight after work. Head to Vedauwoo Recreation Area and take a hike around in the mud, snow and great weather. Enjoy your weekend and please remember to check in tomorrow and Sunday for more

Here is your Daily Dose brought to you by the Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce.

1. Mizu Sushi. Have a great dinner out. Is there a birthday you are celebrating soon or an anniversary? Heck, even if you are just celebrating the weekend, Mizu Sushi is the place to go for a memorable celebration.

2. Poppy’s With Love. Pick up something for your special someone before you go home after work. Poppy’s has a wide variety of gifts and keepsakes that you can get for anyone. Ladies, don’t think that you can stop in and get something for your man. At Poppy’s they carry Chocolate Covered Bacon. What man wouldn’t love that gift.


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