The Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce would like to apologize for missing yesterday’s blog and ask that today all our readers keep all of Boston in your thoughts and prayers.



Yesterday’s race went from a traditional day of celebration and happiness to an emotional roller coaster that rocked the entire nation. To all those in Boston as well as anyone and everyone feeling the affects of yesterday’s events, we are thinking of you and please remember to be kind to one another each and every day.

Today and from here on out, remember to be thankful for your loved ones. The only request of this Daily Dose is to tell all those who need/deserve to hear it from you, that you love them. Show your compassion for the most important people in your life by spending the evening with them, calling them up if they are far away or even doing something for them that really shows you care. Here are a couple ways that you can show your love for them:

1. Join them. If you have a friend or loved one who is a runner, join them. Running may not be everyone’s forte but tonight share this activity because you can. Enjoy knowing that you are experiencing something together. Afterwards:

2. Laugh with them. Watch your favorite TV Show (on your Optimum provided cable) or even the movie that brings both of you into fits of laughter. Don’t forget to also:

3. Cook for them. Choose a meal that you both love or that reminds you of a wonderful time with one another or family trip. This is a great way to not just pass the evening, but remember it. Get everything you need from any one of our great grocery stores.

Above all, be kind to one another and remember to Pray for Boston.

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