Ice Cream!!!

So… later tonight… you are going to be craving some ice cream, or at least I will be, and I will be heading to Cherries Ice Cream & Grill.

Cherries, in my opinion, and all who I come across in Laramie, friends, acquaintances love Cherries’ Ice Cream!

Whether you want an after dinner dessert, or a late night snack, Cherries Ice Cream us the perfect choice. I can recall many a time when my roommates and I have made random excursions to Cherries Ice Cream & Grill for shakes, malts, and cones, and a boat load of fries. Their ice cream and fries are a match made in Laramie heaven.

Now Cherries Ice Cream & Grill not only serves great ice cream, but other great food as well! Hence the word “Grill” in the name. Their burgers and onion rings are to die for as well.

Cherries Ice Cream & Grill has been around for a long time. Thirty years, in fact. It has been a family owned and operated business. The Shaneman family opened the establishment originally as a Dairy Queen. They kept it as a Dairy Queen for 19 years, then changed the business over to their own business, the Cherries Ice Cream & Grill we have all loved for years, and years to come.



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