Don’t forget to get something for Dad!

We made it to Friday. I hope you all have some wonderful plans for your weekend! Sunday is Father’s Day, so don’t forget to get something special for the Dad in your life.

If you are a slacker like me and still need to a present for your Dad, check out Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply for some great gifts.  I am going to get my Dad some tools because you can never go wrong with tools. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is also having a BBQ on Saturday, June 15. Treat dad to lunch with a burger and soda for only 25 cents!

After a little shopping, it is time to relax! Tonight is the perfect night to grill up some brats and hamburgers and relax with friends and family.

I love to get my brats and hamburger from The Butcher Block located in West Laramie at 1968 Snowy Range Rd. 

Check out Safeway and Albertson’s for some condiments to go with the hamburgers and brats. 

For a side dish, try the Avocado Basil Pasta salad. It has bacon and who does not like bacon?



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