Java Java = love love

1057413_10201432847566783_601538220_n I went to Java Java today, the drive up coffee stand located on Grand ave, and LOVED it!!!

The owner Kim Shaver, is usually always there in the mornings. I met her today, and she is the sweetest lady. She has been working at, and managing this location of Java Java for 13 years now, and bought Java Java four years ago and has been a proud owner ever since.

The prices are pretty good, possibly the cheapest in town as far as specialty coffee places go here in Laramie. I was quite pleased when she told me the price of my drink. “I just can’t raise the prices, I would feel bad raising the prices on my people,” Kim Shaver said concerned for her costumers.

The drink I bought today was Java Java’s version of the Caramel Machiatto, and it was very satisfying. Now this was actually the second drink I have tried at Java Java. Just a couple days ago, I went there for the first time in the afternoon, and ordered their iced White Chocolate Mocha and it was heavenly. Not to mention, the worker then was also so very sweet and friendly, just like the owner.

When Kim Shaver handed my drink to me today, she also gave me one of their Free Drink Punch Cards, and she also pointed out their Trivia Question of the Day. The way it goes is if you answer the Trivia Question right, you receive a free sweet treat. I believe the prize for today were muffins, but alas I guessed wrong… Oh well. Next time.

Well thank you Java Java! I had a wonderful experience today, and the other day as well. I am definitely a happy customer, and will return soon! I guarantee.

Java Java


Kim Shaver, the owner of Java Java

2208 E. Grand Ave.
Laramie, WY 82070-5256


The Java Java menu

(307) 745-9338

Me with my drink, leaving Java Java as a very happy customer.

Me with my drink, leaving Java Java as a very happy customer.


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