The Albany Lodge- Laramie’s hidden gem


It was a cold crisp morning at the Albany Lodge today. Tucked in a canyon at the base of the Snowy Range Mountains one could imagine the cool Laramie air that filled my lungs at 12,000 ft. The Albany lodge is a calm cozy escape for all Laramie seasons. If you’re looking for a place for adventure or looking to relax the Albany Lodge is the place for you. When the Laramie weather is warming up the Albany Lodge offers hiking, fishing, mountain biking and various other activities. During the cooler months the Albany Lodge offers skiing, fall hunting, and snowmobiling. But that’s not all, the Albany Loge is open 365 days a year and their services also include food, lodging, fuel, bar, package liquor, convenience store, and snowmobile, ATV, and Jeep rentals. So if you’re looking for a quick escape just 32 miles west of Laramie on Highway 11 visit the Albany Lodge at 1148 Highway 11.


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