April LCBA Business of the Month: Express Employment Professionals

expressThe Laramie Chamber Business Alliance would like to extend a large congratulations to Express Employment Professionals for being selected as the April Business of the Month! Each month one member of the Alliance is picked to receive this honor. The honoree will receive a certificate of achievement, a gift and a feature in the e-buzz and blog, the Laramie Line. The Business of the Month is another way for LCBA to recognize its members and the contributions they make to the Laramie community.

In 2007 Pat and Renee Ashworth took ownership of the Express Employment Professionals Office in Cheyenne with a simple idea: “to help people succeed.” In addition to assisting people in the Cheyenne community, they also had another goal. They wanted to open another location in Laramie. In July of 2013 they made that goal a reality. Currently they are located at 1771 Centennial Drive, Suite 120.

“We like to think of ourselves as givers of hope. Helping people succeed is our mission. Whether it is a candidate that is looking for work, or whether it be a business that is looking to increase their staff and find a new employee. Our goal is to add some value to the Laramie community. We try to do this by helping businesses that are experiencing some growth, we try to reduce some of that work load off of their shoulders. We do this primarily by selecting and placing that right person for them. We also hope to help those who are new to Laramie, or who maybe have lived here all their life and are going through career changes. We like to be able to help them and coach them on to their next successful career path,” said Renee.

Congratulations to the April Business of the Month, Express Employment Professionals!

Congratulations to the April Business of the Month, Express Employment Professionals!

In addition to placing perspective employees and helping businesses find the right fit for their company, they also offer human resources support.

“We can help small businesses who maybe don’t have an HR person. We can help them out with newsletters and such, things that can help keep them up to date on hiring trends and new laws. For larger businesses we are just an extension of their HR department, so that they can, as we say, work closest to the dollar and focus on their business while we handle their staffing needs. We also do a lot of development and training,” said Pat.

The organization is hoping to bring in an HR expert from Oklahoma City during either the late summer or early fall. The expert would lead a half-day seminar, free of charge, but the information will be very valuable. “We do these as a way of giving back or helping the members of our community. It will be real training and development, not just showing people if they use Express they will be successful,”said Pat.

They hope to help and educate people who have been elevated to higher positions in the work place. The seminars with be excellent guiding tools for those professionals to be able to take the next step in their career.

The Express Employment Professionals Laramie office currently employees two full-time staff members, while the Ashworths move in between the Cheyenne office and the Laramie office each week.

“We have been extremely pleased and blessed to be a part of this community. We have been welcomed with open arms, there are some great people to work with in this town. We are just happy to be here,” said Pat.

If you would like to contact Express Employment Professionals for any hiring or human resources purposes you can do so at (307) 460-9074 or find out more on their website. 

Once again, the LCBA would like to congratulate Express Employment Professionals for being the April Business of the Month. Thank you for all you contribute to the Laramie Community!


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