Board of Directors & Staff

2013 Board of Directors




 Marty Axlund  Martin Axlund Chair Wyotech
 Chad Witte Chad Witte Chair Elect Wyoming State Bank
 Amy Shoales  Amy Shoales  Treasurer  Laramie Physicians for Women and Children
 Tyler Valentine Tyler Valentine  Vice Chairman Laramie Plains Federal Credit Union
 J.T. Walsh  J.T. Walsh  Executive Committee Member  Real Estate 1
 Kristin Wilkerson  Kristin Wilkerson  Executive Committee Member First Interstate Bank
 Kristin Wilkerson  Ryan Taylor  Charter
 Rick Melone Rick Melone Capital West Bank
  Kelly Newcomer Uniwyo Federal Credit Union
 Sandy Novick Sandy Novick Curiosity Shoppe
 Mindy Parvin Mindy Parvin Voltech Electric, Inc.
   Jerry Peterson  ACRE Company
 Martha Ruble Martha Ruble

Chamber Staff



Contact Information

   Dan Furphy  President & CEO
 Josie Davis  Josie Davies Vice President
    Lisa Fry  Sales Manager
 Alexandria Newman Brittany Perez Communication Manager

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  1. Gary Strohm Rocks!

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