Go check out Ames Monument!

monumentMany locals and visitors a like know about exploring and climbing at Vedauwoo or hiking in Curt Gowdy State Park during the warmer summer months. What some might not be aware of is Ames Monument. While Ames Monument might not have as much to look at or to do as the Vedauwoo and the state park, it is still something everyone should check out!

Ames Monument is an impressive structure standing in basically the middle of nowhere. The pyramid like formation stands 60-feet tall and was erected in honor of brothers Oliver and Oakes Ames. The monument was built by the Union Pacific Railroad Company in 1882 to pay tribute to the brothers who were absolutely instrumental in getting the Transcontinental Railroad built. The monument was built on the highest elevation (8,247 feet) of the original transcontinental route.ames collage

Ames Monument can be found off of the same exit as Vedauwoo, just in the opposite direction. As you are headed east in the direction of Cheyenne, Wyo., take exit 329. You will them take a right turn towards the monument (there is a sign), then just follow the road until you see the monument. It will be hard to miss due to the height and size.

We would highly recommend checking the monument out during the few warmer months we get each year. It has interesting history and is surprising to see, because you would have never guessed it was there by just looking off the Interstate. Enjoy the summer and exploring in and around Laramie, WY!


Go the GREEN way to get to the airport

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 12.14.19 PMThe University of Wyoming graduation is just two days away and summer is just around the corner. If you are headed out of town for the end of school year or  for any occasion this summer, consider taking Green Ride Colorado to and from the Denver International Airport. You won’t have to worry about parking and you can feel good about the service you are using because they try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green Ride Colorado services the Laramie and Cheyenne area and several parts of Colorado. According to their website, “Green Ride offers private charter service and can accommodate up to three groups of 30 people at a time with services between Wyoming and Colorado and between DIA and Fort Collins.” A full schedule of their times and pricing can be found here, but a single adult fare with pick up from either UW or the Hilton in Laramie costs $75 for a one way trip.

Not only is Green Ride an easy solution to traveling to the airport, but they are also a company that believes in bettering the environment. By providing group transportation they are taking a least one car off the road that could have otherwise put harmful admissions into air. Not only do they drive with GREEN in mind, but their entire business is built on green ideas.

Image from http://www.greenrideco.com/. This was the starting fleet for Green  Ride Colorado

Image from http://www.greenrideco.com/. This was the starting fleet for Green Ride Colorado

According to their website, “Our reservation agents work from home; no driving to and from work; no big office to heat and cool. Office furnishing are all used goods acquired from: Colorado Corrections, Savers, etc. Paint from Larimer County Landfill, building materials from ReSource. The managers and officers don’t have individual offices. They work from home, from coffee shops, from wherever they are using computers and smart phones. We attract people who care about the environment. Many employees ride bikes to work and to meetings. Wish we could use a pedicab for airport service!” Green Ride Colorado also partners with companies who are also striving to better the environment. These include: Climatewise, Clean Cities, Redirect Guide, Be Local, GenGreen. 

You can go online to find out more about this LCBA member who is trying to make a real difference in the community. You can also make a reservation online, or call for same day reservations: (970) 226-5533. Just remember that you must call for reservation requests after 5pm the day before travel.

Next time you need a ride to DIA consider Green Ride Colorado!  GO GREEN!